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Body Contour Packages

Want to lose a couple kilograms? Want do get rid of cellulites? Would you like to lead a healthier lifestyle? You will find the answers to all your problems with me. You can choose from a multitude of treatments, but to make it easier for you, I have organized them into packages, this way enabling myself to provide a much more personalized experience. Would you like to spend your time in an environment where there are no other activities and services taking place? You don’t want to feel uncomfortable from the strangers watching you get your treatment? Then you have found the perfect place. While treating you, you are the center of my attention, the focus point, and I solely deal with you and your problem. Since the salon does not face the street, the arrival of curious passersby will not cause any distraction to the treatment, we will not have to pause it, thus giving a fuller experience. Naturally, if we do not have any clients at the moment, feel free to come in if you are just passing by, we will be glad to treat you. The most important thing is that while you are being treated, you are the priority. Before somebody starts their treatment, in all cases I try to conduct a short interview with them, to figure out the problems that they are dealing with, whether they have any illness and the results they would like to achieve.


CELLULITE PACKAGE - For the quick toning of the thighs

I recommend this package to all the people who have significantly low amounts of cellulite and losing weight isn’t their primary goal. I created this fast but effective program against cellulitis. This way I can be of help to people who only want to lose a small amount of weight or none at all, but their thighs have cellulites nevertheless. From my experience, I believe this program suits clients mostly from the modelling industry, and other sports people who already have a slimmer stature. By this, I mean gymnasts, ballet-dancers and other similarly physically active people. If you do not have much time to spend on treatments, this will be the best option for you. It lasts no more than 45 minutes, but is effective and efficient. Often it is hard to find time for treatment next to work, life, school and other obligations, so if you only have a couple days to take part in this sort of treatment in-between two photo sessions or competitions, we can still achieve significant results. In this package, I combine radiofrequency vacuum treatment with laser lipolysis. The vacuum is responsible for the cellulites, while the radiofrequency and the lipolysis is a two-in-one, since they both have skin toning and fat melting effects as well. This way, losing weight from the thighs becomes super easy. It is important to notice, that this is the only package that can also be used on one’s back for back fat. The reason for this is that cavitation ultrasound is strictly prohibited for use on the back region. Though radiofrequency should also not be used on the back, this function can be turned off on the machine, thus making it completely safe for use on one’s back as well.

CELLULITE DETOX PACKAGE - For getting rid of cellulites fast

To decrease cellulites and speed up the detoxification process of the body. Aside from a surplus in weight, cellulites are the next biggest problem. Not only because it can be aesthetically bad, but because it might even affect more people than obesity. It is a problem, which is independent of size and stature, and can be the result of genetics or any other reason. We do grueling diets and workouts, but there seems to be no way to get rid of them. Have cellulites disappear quickly, effectively and permanently. The better case is if the condition is not caused by genetics. In this case, a low lymphatic circulation might be the background cause. I created this package for the people with this sort of problems. After the mandatory radiofrequency vacuum and cavitation ultrasound, I added a pressure therapy to the end of the treatment, thus increasing the rate of the transportation of fats and toxins throughout the body.


EXTRA CELLULITE PACKAGE - For decreasing cellulites and waist circumference

This combined package is recommended for people who want to lose weight but cellulites are their number one enemy. The base of this program comes from the cellulite program, but in order to promote better weight loss, we added the cavitation ultrasound. Cellulites usually appear and cause problem on thighs, but they can also appear on the stomach. Weight loss from the thighs is somewhat easier than from the stomach, since at the prior, we „only” have to deal with the fat right under the skin. When treating thigh cellulitis, it is important to figure out which one of three subtypes are we dealing with. At type one, the cellulites only appear when there is pressure applied to the skin, such as a finger pushing down on it. At the second type, the cellulites are somewhat visible on the skin while neutral, but it can still be said to be smooth. At the third type though, we can mostly see crater like cellulites on the surface of the skin. Of course, the last case is the one in which we should try all possibilities even aside treatment to increase chances of successful treatment. By this, I mean sport and a healthy diet. It is mostly unavoidable to consume food that contains additives, which might cause cellulitis, I would advise more on focusing on vegetable consumption and on drinking a lot of water. The package contains the radiofrequency vacuum and the laser lipolysis that the basic package contains as well, and they both serve for toning the skin, while the lipolysis has a bigger effect on loosening fat.

SLIMMING FAT LOOSENING PACKAGE  - For abdominal weight loss

Abdominal weight loss quickly and efficiently? I recommend this combination to people who, aside from losing weight, also want to have a more toned stomach look. As a result of dieting and weight loss, the skin of a person often becomes saggy, especially in the abdominal region. Making the abdominal fat disappear is harder than from other places due to visceral fat. This can be found mostly in the deeper layers and prevents our vital organs from working properly. When we get rid of a greater amount of excess weight, our skin has a hard time keeping up with the change and thus often an aesthetically unpleasant sight is left in the form of saggy skin. I would definitely put women in this category who just gave birth for example (it isn’t allowed during breastfeeding), if we aren’t a part of those lucky few, whose skin automatically retracts and tones itself after birth. This excess is something we cannot or just only barely can get rid of. Of course I am not talking about 10-s of kilograms of change, but unfortunately in these cases only surgery can help. Nevertheless, for smaller and medium problems in this area, the situation is far from unsolvable. One can gain back their flat stomach, tight toned skin and slim posture in no time. Abdominal weight loss effectively and painlessly. This combination helps people who specifically search for a solution to these problems. Adding together the radiofrequency treatment, cavitation fat loosening and laser lipolysis, we get a really effective method to get rid of fat pillows as easy and painless as possible, just like the hanging, saggy skin.


Improvement of the lymphatic circulation to benefit and aid effective weight loss

Today’s biggest pandemic is the sedentary, inactive lifestyle. These are mostly the reasons why our most of our lymphatic function is compromised, the circulation isn’t working properly. I have many clients come in and tell me how they truly try everything in order to lose weight but they just cannot seem to manage. In worse cases, no improvement is made at all. Assuming that the organism in question is a completely healthy one, the problem usually has to do with the lymphatic systems. This program is fat burning and lymphatic drainage massage in one. Provides comfort and help to exactly the people who have these sort of problems. Time to time it is necessary for outside force to affect the lymphatic systems; otherwise it simply cannot work properly. I cannot stress the importance of sports enough, but unfortunately, sometimes it just is not enough. The fluids in-between and inside the tissues in our body are best moved by pressure therapy, and apart from being one of the best tools to enhance lymphatic function, it is also the favorite part of the treatment for almost all guests due to its relaxing effect. Due to the oversaturation of fluids, the transportation of loosened fat molecules becomes harder for the organism and the same way, detoxification will also be more difficult. In this package, as well we can find the radiofrequency and the cavitation ultrasound as fat targeting, fat burning elements. The wave massage provides and answer to the lymphatic system problems. Fat burning and lymphatic massage in one package, for effective weight loss.

EXTREME FAT BURNING PACKAGE - The recipe for quick weight loss

The true secret to fast weight loss. A truly bombastic effect on the body. For people who have a lot of excess weight on their bodies, this is definitely the program I would advise. I also recommend it to people who may not need have the largest of fat pillows, but want to get rid of them in the fastest possible period. After the fat burning treatments (radiofrequency, ultrasound), both the laser lipolysis and the pressure therapy can be requested. The combination of these does not only greatly help weight loss, but also promotes detoxification processes in the body. Often it might be tough to choose which package to take, since they differ in certain treatment availabilities. Is maybe more weight loss or perhaps adequate detoxification the goal? In the extreme fat burning package you will find everything you could want, which does help reach the end goal faster. The radiofrequency and the cavitation ultrasound are irreplaceable when it comes to any weight loss treatment, which only becomes enhanced by the extra fat burning effects of lipolysis and then add to that the extra effects of the wave massage. Quick weight loss isn’t that unreachable now, however as with all similar treatments, adequate physical training and a lower carbohydrate consumption is essential. In order to preserve our health, sports and a healthy diet are simply irreplaceable. Our bodies will be grateful on the long term for all we do to keep it healthy; we have to do our best so we can live as long as possible and be healthy.

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For treating wrinkles at face-neck-chin, cleavage area

The radiofrequency treatment isn’t only applicable for fat-loss purposes, but also to remove the wrinkles that develop on one’s face, neck and cleavage. It can help remove wrinkles that develop throughout life, and also the mimic wrinkles. Regardless of how deeply wrinkled anybody’s skin is, this procedure produces visually stunning results.